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The district of Cricklewood is situated in the center of northern London. It is one of the major residential areas of England’s capital city and it is also one of the oldest inhabited places in the area. The first information of Cricklewood dates from 1086 when it was mentioned in the Domesday Book. However, recent research shows that the area has was already inhabited during the Saxon Age.

There are many interesting landmarks, attractions and historic sites in this district, but one of the most popular places is certainly the Gothic tower of St. Mary’s Church. This unique construction dates back to the 13th century. It is currently the oldest building in the northern
part of London.

A more modern attraction is the Avenue House which is located on the East End Road. Margaret Thatcher, ex-Prime Minister for 33 years, lived in Cricklewood. The district is well known for the large number of transport points situated there. Henly’s Corner is crossed by the A1 and A406 main roads. Residents of Cricklewood have quick access to four tube stations that connect the district with the rest of the capital city.